Conference & Annual General Meeting 2018

A.G.M. Attendees 2018

Annual General Meeting - Agenda  14th April 2018

The Stephen’s Green Hibernian Club, 9 St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin

Following Registration and Refreshments at 10.00 – 11.00 am


  • Gearóid Ó Ceallaigh - Cathaoirleach will open the Annual General Meeting
  • Minutes of the 2017 A. G. M.
  • Matters arising
  • Chairman's Report
  • Hon. Treasurer's Report and appointment of Auditors
  • Company Secretary's Report.
  • Election of new Directors
  • Any other business.


Annual General Meeting 2018

Friday & Saturday 13 & 14 April 2018
The Stephen’s Green Hibernian Club, 9 St Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2

Friday 13 April

2.00 pm: Meeting at The Stephen’s Green Hibernian Club for guided tours to:

  1.  Royal Irish Academy (2.30 pm), lecture by Ms Sophie Evans on Academy manuscripts of genealogical interest [Places are limited and must be booked in advance.]
  2. Chief Herald’s Office (4.00 pm), presentation by Ms Ciara Kerrigan
    [Places are limited and must be booked in advance.]

Friday visits online booking form is HERE

7.30 pm: Dinnéar an Chathaoirligh [optional]

Saturday 14 April ***** Dress – suit or smart casual *****

10.00 – 11.00: Registration & refreshments [Cost €15, which includes lectures, tea/coffee & light lunch]

11.00 – 11.50: Annual General Meeting - Cathaoirleach: Gearóid Ó Ceallaigh

11.50 – 12.00:  Cermonial endorsement of MoU of Clans of Ireland and Standing Council of Irish Chiefs

12.00 – 12.05: Address by Ciaran Cannon TD, Minister for the Diaspora and International Development

12.05 – 12.15: Presentation of Clans of Ireland Order of Merit awards

12.15 – 12.25: Presentation of the Chiefs’ and Clans’ 2017 Essay Competition prize & trophy

12.25 – 12.45: Launch of anthology of essays on Gaelic Ireland (from 2013 to 2016 essay competitions)

12.45 – 13.15: Parade of Clans & Ceannairí Finte na hÉireann

13.15 – 13.30 Group photograph       

13.30 – 14.30: sharp Light lunch

14.30 – 15.20: Lecture: The introduction of DNA testing as a part of Irish Clan studies 1999-2010, by Patrick Guinness KCEG, KLJ   

15.20 – 16.15: Lecture: Remember the genealogical rules in the digital age, by Nora Keohane Hickey[Lecture moderator: Michael Dixon]

16.15 – 16.30: 'Friends of Clans of Ireland' – launch by Dr Vincent O'Carroll

16.30: Closing address by An Cathaoirleach, Gearóid Ó Ceallaigh


19.30 for 20.00 Dinner – ***** Dress: black tie – evening wear ******

Costs: €15 for Conference only [incl. light lunch & refreshments], €85 for Dinner [Saturday evening]

Special price of €90 for anyone attending both Conference and Dinner

Online booking form HERE


2018 AGM Speakers

Nora Keohane Hickey

Lecture title: Remember the genealogical rules in the digital age

Nora studied History and Philosophy at St. Patrick's College, Maynooth. Her B.A. thesis was genealogical, a study of the Norman family, the de Berminghams of Leinster.

She developed a genealogical business, Cork Family History, providing professional research to clients worldwide. Nora has travelled extensively in North America, giving lectures and seminars. In Ireland, she organized Dublin-based Research Weeks together with Summer Schools in Co. Cork.

Her publications include: Going to Ireland: A Genealogical Researcher's Guide, as well as many research guides. As a local historian, Nora has published Kinsale: Glimpses of a Town through the Years, The Battle of Kinsale and some issues of Kinsale Historical Journal. She has authored many articles, both historical and genealogical, published in many journals in two continents. Among the list is her editing of My Barryroe Childhood, the memoirs of her father, Jerome Keohane.

An early member of the Irish Family History Society, Nora also acted for some years as the Honorary Editor of Irish Family History, and was a founder member of the Irish Genealogical Research Foundation, now RootsIreland. She was also a founder member of the Federation of Local History Societies, and edited Local History Review for many years.

Nora has served on the Council of Muintir Mhathúna [O'Mahony Society] for over thirty years and so her involvement with Clans of Ireland began at the earliest date. The O'Mahonys meet annually and from 2014-2017 Nora served as Taoiseach. She became Hon. Editor of the annual society journal in 1989. In 1992 she began the gatherings of The Keohanes of West Cork, who have held meetings on both sides of the Atlantic since then.
Nora has served as a Board Member of Clans of Ireland since 1999 and was in the Chair from 2009 – 2012.

Patrick Guinness KCEG, KLJ

Lecture title: The Introduction of DNA testing as a part of Irish Clan studies 1999-2010

Patrick Guinness was born in Dublin. After reading law at Trinity College, he worked in the London financial world and is a Trustee of the Iveagh Trust. He is a lifelong student of Dublin’s history, and wrote Arthur’s Round, a biography of his historic ancestor Arthur Guinness, founder of the Guinness brewery dynasty.

He has lectured extensively on DNA and on genetic genealogy relating to Irish dynasties and Viking Ireland. Since 2000 he has sponsored research on the genetics of Irish Clans. He has been a central figure in supporting the Smurfit Institute, encouraging interest in their work and informally advising other enthusiasts.

Patrick was a Council member of the County Kildare Archaeological Society and is a former President of The Irish Georgian Society.


Annual General Meeting 2017

Friday & Saturday 7 - 8 April 2017

The Stephen’s Green Hibernian Club, 9 St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2.

Friday 7th April

2.00 pm - Meeting at The Stephen’s Green Hibernian Club, 9 St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2 for guided tours to:

1. Royal Irish Academy Royal (2.30 pm), lecture by Dr. Bernadette Cunningham

The Annals of the Four Masters
The Annals of Connaught

Exhibition - Dublin documents: highlights from Charles Haliday's manuscript collection

Dr Bernadette Cunningham has been Deputy Librarian at the Royal Irish Academy since 1998, having previously worked in the libraries of Trinity College Dublin and Mater Dei Institute of Education (now incorporated into Dublin City University). She has published widely on early modern Irish cultural and intellectual history.

Books include: The Annals of the Four Masters: Irish history, kingship and society in the early seventeenth century (Dublin, 2010); Clanricard and Thomond: 1540–1640: provincial politics and society transformed (Dublin, 2012), and (with Raymond Gillespie), Stories from Gaelic Ireland: microhistories from the sixteenth-century Irish annals (2003). She is current editor of Irish History Online, the national online bibliography of writings on Irish history (

2. Chief Herald’s Office (3.45 to 4.30 pm), presentation by Ms Ciara Kerrigan, Assistant Keeper

Irish Nobility (5 vols)
Registered Pedigrees
Grant and Confirmation of Arms 

7.30 pm - Dinnéar an Chathaoirligh (optional)

For the Friday tours BOOK ONLINE  (NOW CLOSED)

Saturday 8th April



0.00 - 11.00 am - Registration and Refreshments (Cost €15 includes Lectures, tea/coffee and lunch)

11.00 - 12.00 am - Annual General Meeting, Cathaoirleach Gearóid Ó Ceallaigh


  1. Minutes of the 2016 AGM.
  2. Matters arising.
  3. Chairman's Report.
  4. Hon. Treasurer's Report and appointment of Auditors.
  5. Company Secretary's Report.
  6. Election of new Directors.
  7. Any other business.

12.00 – 12.30 pm ‘Family histories and the study of the global Irish diaspora: a start of a new conversation’ by Professor Tadhg O’Keeffe

12.30 -1.00 pm - Lecture: A Gallowglass Clan: The Mc Cabes in Ireland by Mr Brian Mc Cabe.

(Chair: Dr Joe Mannion)

1.00 - 2.00pm - Light Lunch

2.00 - 3.15pm - Lecture: The Clans of Ireland in 1641 and After by Dr. John Cunningham'.

(Chair: Mr. Michael Crowley)

3.15 - 3.30pm - Presentation of the Order of Merit

3.30 - 4.00pm - Group Photograph

4.00 - 4.30pm - Parade of Clans & Ceannairí Finte na hÉireann

4.30 - 4.45pm - Closing Address by An Cathaoirleach Gearóid Ó Ceallaigh


7.30 - 8.00pm - Fáilte an Chathaoirligh – The Reception of the Cathaoirleach

8.00pm - Dinnéar (Cost €85) 

2017 AGM Speakers

Family histories and the study of the global Irish diaspora: a start of a new conversation


Tadhg O’Keeffe is Professor of Archaeology in University College Dublin. He is a specialist in medieval European architectural history, but he also maintains a wide range of other research interests, including diaspora/migration studies, a field in which he has conducted research in North America. His published work includes nine books (two co-authored) and more than 120 articles in journals and books.

A Gallowglass Clan : The Mc Cabes in Ireland

This presentation will cover the early history of the Mac Cabes in Ireland and will give an outline of how an outside group - albeit probably from a similar Gaelic-speaking background – managed to carve out a role for themselves (largely through military prowess), and to integrate, relatively quickly, into medieval Irish society along the Ulster border territories. Adapting to circumstances, they extended their power and influence by providing services to the ruling clans in this area, and so successful were they at doing so, that ultimately, they became recognised as a 'Clan' in their own right, warranting references in the historic annals on a par with those of the older ruling regional dynasties.


Brian Mc Cabe is a retired civil servant with an interest in history and archaeology. He is a founder member and Honorary Secretary of Clann Chaba, the Clan Mc Cabe Society, and editor of their newsletter, ‘The Gallowglass’. He is a former Director of Clans of Ireland.

He is also a Council member of the Kildare Archaeological Society and a regular contributor to their annual journal, and those of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, the Meath Archaeological & Historical Society, the Dublin Historical Record and Cumann Seanchais Breifne. He has also contributed articles to both ‘History Ireland’ and ‘Archaeology Ireland’, and to many other publications.

The Clans of Ireland in 1641 and After

This lecture will focus on the eventful decades of the mid-seventeenth century in Ireland. It will consider issues such as the role of clans in the wars of the 1640s and their experiences of Cromwellian rule. Although the ‘Gaelic order’ had collapsed by 1607, the surviving evidence relating to the 1641 rebellion and its aftermath allows us to explore the extent to which the wider kin group remained a fundamental organising principle in Irish society. How important was the ‘clan’ when it came to matters such as mobilising and leading military forces, or managing local government in a time of war? How much can we discover about the part played by men recognised as ‘chief of the name’, and what significance was attached to such a title by the mid-seventeenth century? Another factor worth considering is how understanding of, and stereotypes relating to, Gaelic society shaped external perceptions of what was happening in Ireland in the 1640s. For example, how were clans and septs portrayed in the voluminous pamphlet literature published in London at this time? An examination of these and other relevant issues can help us better to understand the succinct verdict offer by one bardic poet: ‘Ag so an cogadh do chríochnaigh Éire’ [this was the war that finished Ireland].


Dr John Cunningham is Lecturer in Early Modern Irish and British History at Queen’s University Belfast. Following the completion of his Ph.D. at NUI Galway in 2009, he held research posts at Trinity College Dublin, the University of Freiburg and the University of Exeter. The main focus of his research is seventeenth-century Ireland, with a particular emphasis on the years between 1641 and 1660. Dr Cunningham’s publications include the monograph Conquest and land in Ireland: the transplantation to Connacht, 1649-1680 and, most recently, an article in Irish Historical Studies entitled ‘Anatomising Irish rebellion: the Cromwellian delinquency commissions, the books of the discrimination and the 1641 depositions’.


Annual General Meeting 2016

Delegates at 2016  AGM

Comhdháil Bhliantúil & Cruinniú Ginearálta Finte na hÉireann
Annual Conference & General Meeting of Clans of Ireland
Friday 15th & Saturday 16th April 2016
The Stephen’s Green Hibernian Club, Dublin.

Clans represented at 2016 Annual General Meeting

Cassidy -  Nuala & Oliver Cassidy

Connolly - Bartle Connolly

Dixon - Michael & Kenneth Dixon,

Hoban - Denis Hoban, Baron, Canada

Joyce of Joyce Country - Laurie Joyce, Australia

Keohane of West Cork - William Keohane, USA

Mac Cabe of Breffny - Aidan McCabe

Curtin - Heidi Welch, USA

McGillycuddy - The McGillycuddy

Egan - Tim O’Neill

McGinley - Proinsias, & Francis McGinley,

McGrath of Thomond - Dan McGrath

McGrath of Ulster - Seán McGrath

McMullen - Maureen McMullen

Mannion - Dr. Joe Mannion

Mulqueen - Niall Mulqueen

O’Brosnan - Paul & Doireann Brosnan

O’Byrne - Richard & Trish Byrne

O’Carroll of Oriel - Vincent & Alexandra O’Carroll

O’Crowley - Michael Crowley

O’Dea - Shane & James O’Dea,

O’Dowd - Brendan O’Dowd

O’Farrell - John & Tara

O’Gara - Maura O’Gara & Maura O’Riordan

O’Kane of Keenaght -  John O’Kane

O’Kelly of Hy-Many - Gearóid Ó Ceallaigh

O’Lalor -  Margot Lalor Coogan, Annie Lalor,

O Mahony - Nora Keohane Hickey

O’Neill Clan Association - Dr. Eoin O’Neill

O’Shaughnessy - Des and Tony O’Shaughnessy

O’Sullivan - Gary & Julie O’Sullivan

O’Tireney - Cathaoir & Órlaith Ó Tíghearnaigh

* AGM 2016 online BOOKING FORM is now open HERE

Schedule for Saturday 16th April 2016

10.30 Registration [Cost €15 includes Lectures, tea/coffee and sandwich lunch]

11.30 Annual General Meeting

12.30 Lecture: A proposed template for a concise Clan history – Dr Joe Mannion
Having ready access to their ancestral history is of great significance to Irish Clans. As an alternative to an all-embracing book-length Clan history, however, the extant information could be condensed and made available in booklet form. This lecture will focus on one such publication and suggest that it could be used as a template by other Clans, who wish to provide their members with a concise and purposeful account of their past.

Dr Joe Mannion is an Independent Scholar who holds a PhD in history from NUI Galway. He is a founding member of the Mannion Clan Association, dedicated to preserving the history and heritage of Clann Uí Mhainnín of County Galway. To this end, he published a booklet entitled The Mannion Clan Historical Trail: A Guide to Residential, Ceremonial and Burial Sites, which was launched during the Mannion Clan Gathering in August 2015.

13.15 Light Lunch.

14.00 Parade of Clans & Ceannairí Finte na hÉireann

14.30 Group Photograph

15.00 Presentation of the Order of Merit

15.15 Lecture: Time travelling in Irish DNA – Professor Dan Bradley, Smurfit Institute of Genetics, Trinity College Dublin    
Delving into the past can be problematic, the roots of modern patterns of genetic variation are the result of many overlaid processes and can be difficult to discern.  To get beneath this requires time travelling, either by using the linkages between Y chromosomes and surnames with many hundred year histories or by directly accessing the variants in long-dead people using ancient DNA.

Dan Bradley spent his early years on an Irish farm  After a degree in genetics from Cambridge University and PhD in medical genetics from Trinity College Dublin he subsequently started to work on the genetics of each species present on that farm, including Irish humans, and has done for over 20 years. He holds a Personal Chair in the Smurfit Institute of Genetics, Trinity College Dublin, is a member of the RIA and is the holder of an ERC Advanced Grant.

19.30 Fáilte an Chathaoirligh – The Reception of the Cathaoirleach
20.00 Dinner [Cost €85.00]

2016 AGM Professor Dan Bradley TCD Lecture

Another Chapter for the History of Ireland, and further East!
The unearthing of new evidence often causes a new wave of thinking about the past: Professor Dan Bradley, of TCD’s Department of Genetics, shed new light on the ‘history of the Irish’, as it used to be called, in his address to Finte na hÉireann’s annual general meeting in Dublin on Saturday April 16th.

In the august surroundings of the Stephen’s Green Hibernian Club, surrounded by many gems of Georgian and Victorian architecture and art (such as sumptuous drawings by Sir William Orpen), Professor Bradley upset many earlier patterns of dedicated guesswork as to where our ancestors may have, might have, or could possibly have come from. His work lies in identifying common key markers in strands of DNA extracted from partial corpses (human and animal) that have been uncovered from sites across Europe and Ireland. These new researches have shown tantalising evidence for a more heterogeneous spread of origins for the continuous waves of settlers moving into Ireland over millennia, from a variety of main centres in Continental Europe and much further East. Probably all other Clan members felt some surprise about this exposure of the origins of the Irish (as they were three, four, and five thousand years ago). In my case the origin of some of our ancestors in Basque communities in Sardinia advanced my knowledge by two stages, and illustrates the enormous complexity of the history of migration over long periods of time. It is only twenty years ago that everyday observation on a Dublin Bus showed a dramatic shift in possibilities to an entirely non-European passenger configuration. But Prof. Bradley also referred to two major genetic traits that had accompanied different waves of migration into Ireland about 4,000 years ago, and now traced by genetic examination of human remains from that period: the retained ability to digest milk into adulthood, that Irish people have, and the prevalence of haemochromatosis, causing a build up of iron in the blood, which is quite concentrated in the population of Ireland.

Many thanks are due to Professor Bradley for stripping the complexities of his science down to a level where we could all feel the excitement of new discovery and the anticipation that there is more, much more to come from this field of research.

Eoin O’Neill, in retirement, works as an Adjunct Professor in TCD’s School of Business, and represented the O’Neill’s at the AGM.

Annual General Meeting 2015

Comhdháil Bhliantúil & Cruinniú Ginearálta Finte na hÉireann
Annual Conference & General Meeting of Clans of Ireland
Saturday 25th April 2015
The Stephen’s Green Hibernian Club, Dublin.


9.30-10.30    Registration

10.30   Annual General Meeting

11.30   Tea / Coffee Interlude

11.45   Forum: Twenty-Five Years Commemorated - Conor McHale, a Founding Member of Finte na hÉireann

12.15   Attire Proposal - Gearóid Ó Ceallaigh, Proposal & Proinsias Mag Fhionnghaile, Interview

13.00  Lunch.

14.00   Parade of Clans & Ceannairí Finte Na hÉireann

14.30   Lecture: ‘You reap what you sow: The Irish Resurgence of the 13th &  14th centuries’ by Dr. Emmett O'Byrne

15.30   Parade of the Descendants of the Wild Geese of France - Dr. Michael Egan Cathaoirleach & Conor, The O Brien, 32nd. in descent from Brian Boru

16.00   Address by Representatives of the Wild Geese


19.30   Fáilte an Chathaoirligh – The Reception of the Cathaoirleach - Music from renowned Irish harpist Áine Ní Dhubhghaill

20.00   Fleá - Banquet



Annual General Meeting 2014

Friday 11th April
Oak Room, Mansion House, Dawson Street, Dublin.
Clans of Ireland Dinner (Black Tie)
19.00   Wine reception
19.30   Dinner                      
Order of Clans of Ireland
21.00 Philip O'Conor, Tanaist of The O Conchobhair Donn will confer this year's recipients with the Order of Clans of Ireland. The names will have been announced on Saint Patrick's Day, March 17th. The ceremony will take place following the Annual Dinner
After dinner speech:
Morgan Llewellyn, Author and Novelist 
Saturday 12th April
Oak Room, Mansion House
12.00  Registration opens
            Workshop, Gatherings, Websites and Research.
13.00  Book Launch:
by David, The O Morchoe, Chief of the Name and Dr. Katharine Simms TCD  “Gaelic Ireland (c.600 – c. 1700): politics, culture and landscapes” Studies for the  “Irish Chiefs” prize. Edited by Katharine Simms.
13.30      Tea/Coffee Break (Complimentary)
14.00      Parade of Clans  received by Conor, The O'Brien, direct descendent of Brian Boru and  Chief of the O'Brien Clan with Michael Egan Chairman of Clans of Ireland and of the Egan Clan.
14.30      Annual General Meeting
15.30      Lecture – Clontarf 1014 – a battle of the clans
               by Dr. Howard Clarke, Professor Emeritus of Medieval Socio-Economic History at  University College Dublin.
17.00      End of Conference
17.15      Optional Dinner* in Fire Restaurant in Mansion House Complex
*Pre-Theatre Menu before 18.00 Two Courses €25.00 to be paid to Fire Restaurant (Reservations must be made at coffee break)
Places are limited at all events due to space restrictions at the Mansion House so please register as soon as possible at
All enquiries about the conference should be directed to the Events Team at

Annual General Meeting 2013

2013 Conference and AGM
Kingdoms, Peoples and Politics - Annual Conference and AGM 26 - 28th April 2013
The weekend began on Friday 26th April with a Gala Black Tie Dinner in the Oak Room, Mansion House, Dublin. This was hosted by the Lord Mayor of Dublin who was represented by Councillor Pat McCartan. Grace was recited by The Venerable Dermot Dunne, Dean of Christ Church Cathedral.
On Saturday 27th events commenced with a Key Note Lecture – “Kingdoms, People and Politics” by Prof. Dáibhí Ó Cróinín, RIA of the National University of Ireland, Galway.
The lecture was followed by the parade of Ceannairí Finte na hÉireann and their representatives into the Oak Room to music provided on the Irish Harp by renowned harpist Áine Ní Dhubhghaill. The Chiefs were greeted by Dr. Michael J.S. Egan, Cathaoirleach Finte na hÉireann, Sir Conor O’Brien, The O’Brien, Prince of Thomond and Maj. Gen. (Rtd) David Ó Morchoe, The Ó Morchoe of Oulartleigh. Reports were then given by the Cathaoirleach [Chairperson], Cisteoir [Financial Controller] and Rúnaí na Cuideachta [Company Secretary] as to the Clans of Ireland's progress and affairs during the previous year and all were well received.
At the end of the AGM the honour of Companion of the Order of Clans of Ireland, or as Gaeilge ‘Ord Finte na hÉireann’, was conferred upon three individuals by the Minister for Arts, Heritage & the Gaeltacht, Mr. Jimmy Deenihan, T.D. who presented insignias on behalf of President Higgins - Patron of Clans of Ireland. The recipients, Ambassador Brian Ó Ceallaigh, CIOM, retired Irish Diplomat; Monsignor Pádraig Ó Fionnachta, CIOM, retired Professor of Irish, Maynooth College and An t-Uasail Cathaoir Ó Tighearnaigh, Ceannaire Cumann na gClann Uí Thighearnaigh, will be entitled to use the post-nominal CIOM.
Following the conferring ceremony the Minister addressed the meeting complementing COI on their work and emphasising the importance of COI from an authentic historical and cultural perspective. He spoke about 2013 The Year of the Gathering and our assistance and support for the venture. He requested our continuing support for events and assistance in promoting and reaching out to our members.
The day’s proceedings ended at 17.15 hrs. after the Minister had stayed for photos to be taken with the Conferees.
On Sunday morning a large number of attendees gathered at Christchurch Cathedral where we had been invited to attend the morning Bell Ringing Service. Christ Church Cathedral was the location of the last great gathering of Irish Clans in Dublin in 1541. Today, it is the Anglican Cathedral for Dublin and the seat of Clans of Ireland. Following this those of us who had booked proceeded to the Mansion House to attend the Lecture on "Irish Clans and Heraldry" by Fergus Gillespie MA, former Chief Herald of Ireland. Following a educational and most interesting lecture all went home very happy and pleased with a great weekend.
If the above has wet your appetite check back soon as we are already planing the next AGM for April 2014 - the 1000th Anniversary of The Battle of Clontarf and the death of King Brian Boru. For photographs from the AGM please click here

Forum on Irish Clans 2012

Forum on Irish Clans: Past Present and Future

The Annual Conference and AGM took place at the Mansion House in Dublin from Friday 27th to Saturday 28th April 2012. The conference began on Friday with a special Forum on Irish Clans, Past, Present and Future which was attended by the members of the board of Clans of Ireland, the Standing Council of Irish Chiefs and Chieftains and Clan leaders and invited scholars.

 Participants at the Forum on Irish Clans, Past, Present and Future

Participants at the Forum on Irish Clans, Past, Present and Future

The purpose of the forum was to reflect on the nature and history of Irish Clans so that Clans of Ireland can begin to develop a new strategic vision and objectives for the future. As part of the Forum a number of papers were presented. These included “What is an Irish Clan?” by Dr. Nollaig Ó Muraíle RIA (NUIG), “Chiefly Succession” by Dr. Katharine Simms (TCD) and “Irish Clans and DNA” by Patrick Guinness.

 Dr. Nollaig Ó Muraíle, Dr. Katharine Simms and Patrick Guinness

 Dr. Nollaig Ó Muraíle, Dr. Katharine Simms and Patrick Guinness

Apart from members of the board of Clans of Ireland other guests at the Forum included Michael McMahon-Mitchell from Clan MacMahon of Thomond, Ambassador Francis M. O’Donnell from Clan Ó Domhnaill of Tyrconnell and The Ó Morchoe of Oulartleigh representing the Standing Council of Irish Chiefs and Chieftains.

 The Ó Morchoe and Ambassador Francis M. O’Donnell

 The Ó Morchoe and Ambassador Francis M. O’Donnell

Clans Gala Evening 2012


After the Forum, members of the board joined other guests for the Clans of Ireland Gala Evening at the Royal Irish Automobile Club. The social event was an opportunity for Clan members from Ireland, the USA, Canada, France, Austria and the UK to meet and share a wonderful evening.

 Dr. Tresa Ní Chianáin, The MacSweeney Doe, and Madam MacSweeney Doe

 Dr. Tresa Ní Chianáin, The MacSweeney Doe, and Madam MacSweeney Doe

 Those attending the Gala Evening enjoyed a champagne reception and music from renowned Irish harpist Áine Ní Dhubhghaill before proceeding to dinner.

   Ambassador O’Donnell and Ms. Vera Dragovic

                          Ambassador O’Donnell and Ms. Vera Dragovic                          

Dr. Maura O’Gara and Mrs. Margaret Mulvihill

Dr. Maura O’Gara and Mrs. Margaret Mulvihill

Mr. Aidan Mulvihill, Dr. Michael J. Egan and Mr. Tim O’Neill CIOM

Mr. Aidan Mulvihill, Dr. Michael J. Egan and Mr. Tim O’Neill CIOM

 Mr. Rory O’Dea and Mr. Shane O’Dea

Mr. Rory O’Dea and Mr. Shane O’Dea 

All photographs are © copyright of Clans of Ireland but can be used by member clans as long as they are accredited to Conor Ó Mearáin (Photographer) and used without charge in clans websites and newsletters.


Annual General Meeting 2012


On Saturday 80 delegates gathered in the Oak Room of the Mansion House to hear a lecture entitled “Irish Clans and Castles” delivered by Professor Tadhg O’Keeffe (UCD). Throughout his presentation, Prof. O’Keeffe took delegates on a tour de force of the ancient seats of many Irish Clans and historical families. The lecture was followed by the arrival of the Lord Mayor of Dublin Andrew Montague who received the Parade of Clans on behalf of the City of Dublin. When all clan delegates had presented themselves to the Lord Mayor, Master of Ceremonies Mícheál Kilcrann announced to all present “Tá Tionól Finte na hÉireann in a shuí” (The Gathering of the Clans of Ireland is in session”. This year clan delegates had travelled from across Ireland as well as Argentina, Austria, Canada, France, the UK and USA. During the AGM reports were delivered from the Cathoirleach Nora Keohane Hickey, Cisteoir Eamon Clancy and Rúnaí Cuideachta Cahir Ó Tighearnaigh. Two motions were put to the delegates and these were passed.

 Clan delegates at 2012 Annual General Meeting

Conferring of Order of Merit

The annual conferring of the Order of Clans of Ireland took place after the AGM. This year the Order was conferred by Minister Leo Varadkar TD representing the Government of Ireland. Before the formal ceremony began, the Minister was welcomed by the Cathoirleach of Clans of Ireland Nora Keohane Hickey who introduced him to some of the international delegates attending the conference.

Minister Varadkar is welcomed to the Mansion House by Nora Keohane Hickey Cathaoirleach of Clans of Ireland

Minister Varadkar is welcomed to the Mansion House by Nora Keohane Hickey Cathaoirleach of Clans of Ireland

  L-R Ms. Terexa O’Higgins (Argentina), Mr. John Molloy (USA), Minister Varadkar, Mr. Lyn McMullen (Canada) and Dr. Gary Sullivan (France).

 L-R Ms. Terexa O’Higgins (Argentina), Mr. John Molloy (USA), Minister Varadkar, Mr. Lyn McMullen (Canada) and Dr. Gary Sullivan (France).

This year six people were chosen to be inducted into the Order of Clans of Ireland, four of whom attended the ceremony at the Mansion House; Ms. Nuala Cassidy, Mr. Vincent O’Donnell, Mr. James Mulvihill and Dr. Nollaig Ó Muraíle. Two others will receive their awards at ceremonies in the USA, Mr. Byron Egan and in the Thailand, Mr. James Gargan.

  Dr. Nollaig Ó Muraíle RIA CIOM is inducted into the Order of Clans of Ireland by Minister Varadkar

 Dr. Nollaig Ó Muraíle RIA CIOM is inducted into the Order of Clans of Ireland by Minister Varadkar

Following the conferring of the honours by Minister Varadkar he proceeded to address the delegates. In his speech Minister Varadkar highlighted the important role to be played by Irish Clans in promoting authentic information about Irish culture and heritage. He also pointed out the importance of this for tourism and the regeneration of the Irish economy.

  Minister Varadkar Addresses the Clans of Ireland in the Oak Room of the Mansion House

 Minister Varadkar Addresses the Clans of Ireland in the Oak Room of the Mansion House

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