April 2015 - Letter from the New Chairman

Gearóid Ó Ceallaigh

26 April 2015

A dhuine uisle,
I consider it a great honour to have been elected as Cathaoirleach (Chairman) of the Board and I am delighted by the fact that such confidence has been shown in me.
The last number of years have seen Clans of Ireland go through some interesting times. The Board has been dealing with a number of significant issues; primarily the maintenance of the fundamental principles of our Gaelic Clan traditions and consequent conservation of core membership.
Both our outgoing Chairman Michael Egan and indeed his predecessor, Nora Keohane-Hickey have already ably and admirably directed Clans of Ireland during recent years into a situation where we now have a higher profile than ever before, accompanied by an increased lucidity of purpose. I would like to express my appreciation of the great work that both of them have done.
I hope to develop on the theme that Michael and Nora have been cultivating, through the preservation and enhancement of the highest standards for members. I would like to set as priorities greater emphasis on both clarification of and unity of purpose; strengthening of issues relating to governance and further development of a wider media profile, as the umbrella body which unites contemporary Gaelic clans and ancient families, whose histories are unequivocally Irish, while promoting intellectual research into genealogy, history and culture.
I would like to see Member Clans engaging with the Board to a greater degree. Membership of Clans of Ireland should not be about simply being protected by the credibility and patronage of our banner. In my view, Membership involves an understanding of the core principles of the organisation and vibrant participation in promoting them.
Those who know me, know that I like to listen and to take advice before arriving at a decision. In the case of an association such as Clans of Ireland, this decision, I would like to think, would reflect the wishes of the majority of Members. Therefore, I welcome any suggestions from members who may wish to contribute views or ideas that might be beneficial. I would like to promote a greater degree of involvement by Members and develop an elevated spirit of co-operation between Members and the Board so that Clans of Ireland can develop organically as we begin our second twenty-five years of life.
Is mise le meas,
Gearóid Ó Ceallaigh