Chief of the Clan

It is important to remember that in Gaelic Ireland Chiefs were not monarchs who ruled over their people. An Irish Chief was acclaimed by his clan and appointed as custodian of his kinsmen and their resources (i.e. lands) which belonged ultimately to all members of the clan.


In modern times, some clans use the designation "Taoiseach" or  "Chief" while others prefer “Ceann Fine” or "Head of Clan" or similar designations. Several clans acclaim hereditary “Chiefs of the Name” some of whom may be members of Buanchomhairle Thaoisigh Éireann (Standing Council of Irish Chiefs and Chieftains). Others acclaim individuals from within their clan with a substantial ancestral claim to be Chief, while others again elect a member for a period of time who will act as titular head of the clan or family. Some clans also acclaim the head of a particular senior family from within the clan.


It is the policy of Clans of Ireland to respect the right of each clan to designate and acclaim one of their own as clan leader.

For information on hereditary “Chiefs of the Name” please contact the current representative Conor The O'Brien

Otherwise please feel free to contact us for advise on the designation of clan officers.