Code of Practice

1. Each Irish Clan should maintain a current register of its clan members.

2. a) For promotional purposes details of events including Clan Rallies/Gatherings should include; dates,     times, prices, insurance details and venues being used and a detailed itinerary as well. Copies of promotional  literature should be forwarded to The Secretary of Clans of Ireland.

   b) Details of any Clan events such as Clan Rallies/Gatherings being organised by Clan Associations should be notified to Clans of Ireland as soon as possible prior to the event.

3. No Irish Clan can operate events in the name of another Clan.

4. No Clan Coordinator or Clan Committee member can apply for registration to Clans of Ireland for more than one Irish Clan.

5. No Irish Clan can call itself a member of Clans of Ireland or use the title Clans of Ireland in its literature unless it is registered and in good standing with Clans of Ireland.

6. Clans of Ireland has the right to withdraw registration of an Irish Clan in circumstances that are deemed to be in breach of the Code of Practice. In such circumstances the Irish Clan will be notified in writing.

7. Irish Clans should renew their membership with Clans of Ireland by the time of the AGM each year in order to be registered as an “Active” clan.

8. Each Clan should forward a copy of its periodical, newsletter or publication to The Editor, Clans of Ireland.

9. Each Clan should ensure the proper care, handling and display of all flags, banners and emblems and that these are treated with due respect at all times.

10. Clans of Ireland maintain their right to revise, amend, alter, make change or extend this Code of Practice as circumstances require.

Amended 14 February 2009