February 2015 - Invitation to Wild Geese to attend annual conference

This year’s Annual Conference on 25th. April is a commemoration of twenty five years of development as a contemporary organisation. Officially recognised under the patronage of the President of Ireland, it supports the aims of its member clans in their research into their individual history, culture and traditions. To further these aims; an invitation is to be issued to a selected group of the descendants of the Wild Geese, who left Ireland following the defeat of the symbolic Jacobite army, over three hundred years ago.

This will provide Members of Clans of Ireland with an opportunity to be present at the first visit of an organised group of descendants of those historic Irish families, since their devastatingly mass departure from our shore. It also provides those Wild Geese descendants, whose roots are in Ireland, with an opportunity to meet with those who continue to support contemporary clan culture in a very real way, who remain rooted in Ireland.

Clans of Ireland hope that bonds of friendship, based on shared interest in culture and family history, will result from this initiative. It is also hoped that further such visits can be arranged in future years. Should there be any queries, please contact Gearóid Ó Ceallaigh - info@clansofireland.ie