July 2014 - Recent Member, Mannion of Soghan

We would like to extend a very warm welcome to our latest member, the Mannion of Soghan Clan. The ancient Soghan Clan is associated with the contemporary barony of Tiaquin. The Clan held the estate and lands of Menlough Castle until 1617, when its leading landholders were forced to engage in the infamous 'surrender and re-grant' scheme under James I. The Clan of Mannion of Soghan effectively lost its ancient Gaelic ownership rights of its hereditary lands, which were then re-granted  under the English feudal system. 
To become a member of the Mannion of Soghan Clan, one must identify with the clan by inheriting or using of the surname Mannion, being involved in its culture and heritage in addition to the specific requirements which are available from Dr. Joe Mannion who may be contacted at Woodford in County Galway or by email;  info@mannionclan.org