March 2014 - Millennium Commemorations of Brian Boru and Clontarf 1014

2014 is the Millennium of one of Ireland's most defining battles, the Battle of Clontarf. The Irish fought against the Irish and the Irish fought against the Vikings. There are commemorations throughout the island of Ireland durin 2014, at centres in Armagh, Tipperry, Dublin and Clare.
Brian Boru, Chief of the Dal Cais Clan, whose territory was in the present day County Clare, as King of Munster led the Irish against the forces against the allied forces of Mael Mórda mac Murchada, the King of Leinster and Sigtrygg Silkbeard, leader of the Vikings. The battle was fought approximately where Croke Park, our national Gaelic games staium, is now located.
Brian Boru's ambitious plan was to unify the Island under one central government over which he intended to reign as High King. He won enormous support from many Munster and Connaught clans, including that of Tadhg Mór Ó Ceallaigh of the Uí Maine Clan. However, many others did not support him and it was this revolt against his expansionist ambitions that led to the Battle of Clontarf on Good Friday, April 23rd. 1014. It was considered a great victory for Brian Boru, but it was personally pyrrhic, as Brian Boru was amongst the over 10,000 people who died t the battle. Historians consider that the most important result of the battle was that it stopped further expansion by the Vikings in Ireland.
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