March 2021 - First Lecture at the Cultural Summit

The first of our Lectures at the Clans of Ireland Cultural Summit, given by Luke McInerney is  titled 'Medieval Learned Families of the West of Ireland'.

Luke McInerney is an independent researcher with a particular focus on the late medieval history of Gaelic Ireland. His ancillary interests include the economic and social structure of medieval lordships in Ireland; the medieval Gaelic church; and the role and function of the learned class in Gaelic Ireland. He has published in local, national and international historical journals and his book entitled, Clerical and learned lineages of Medieval Co. Clare: A survey of the fifteenth-century papal registers was published by Four Courts Press in 2014. In addition to his focus on Irish medieval history, he has a general interest in Eastern and Central European political history and contemporary economics.

Born in Victoria in Australia, he has lived and worked in Ukraine and Russia and more recently in London and Dublin. He has held positions at the Australian Federal Treasury in Canberra (2004-8); HM Treasury in London, (2008-10); the Legal Services Board in London (2010-14); the UK Civil Aviation Authority (2015-2018) in London and, currently, at the Central Bank of Ireland in Dublin.

Luke was recently co-opted on to the Board of Directors of Clans of Ireland.