Marmion Clan – Mac Meanman

The Marmions are a gaelicised Norman-Irish family which entered Ireland in 1169-72. Centered from the origins in and around Carlingford, Co Louth, 'Patrick Marmion, Irish Papist' was stripped of his holdings in Carlingford in 1655, as were Marmions of Lecale barony in Co Down, who had also served as soldiers during the Rising which began in 1641.

After the Restoration Dundalk became  the primary center of the family. Branches did develop in Cork and Meath, along with Marmions in Flanders and Spain as 'Wild Geese' officers. And there was always some family in Dublin.

The Maid of Erin Statue in Dundalk Town Square (1898) is dedicated to Anthony Marmion and John Hoey, fellow rebels  who were hung for insurrection in 1798.  Blessed Dom Columba Marmion, OSB (1858-1923) born Dublin was of the Meath branch.  He was beatified in Rome in the year 2000.

Patron: O'Carroll of Oriel