O'Dwyer Kilnamanagh – Ó Duibhir Coill na Manach

O'Dwyer/Dwyer of Kilnamanagh (in Irish O'Duibhir) are an ancient Irish clan who had the lordship of a region known as Kilnamanagh ("Wood of the monks") which straddled the modern Limerick/Tipperary border, and the highest density of the surname can still be found in that area. The territory was lost to the clan in the aftermath of the Cromwellian wars of the mid-seventeenth century, following the ill-fated capture of Cashel, the ancient Celtic seat of the Munster kings, by Philip O'Dwyer, the last clan chief. The clan was scattered to mainland Europe, forming part of that famous exodus known as the flight of the 'Wild Geese'.

Contact: Pádraig Uasal Ó Duibhir, Coismeagmór, Na Forbacha, An Spidéal.Co Na Gaillimhe
E-mail: oduibhir@eircom.net
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