O'Kelly of Hy-Many – Síol Ceallaigh Ó Maine

The O'Kelly Clan of Hy-Many Síol Ceallaigh Ó Maine is a branch of the Oirghialla of Ulster and are alleged to have descended from Maine Mór (AD457), first prince and founder of the illustrious House of Hy-Many, through Ceallach (AD874), common ancestor of the extended O'Kelly family. As Chiefs of Hy-Many the O'Kelly's became one of the most powerful clans in Connacht with extensive territories in Galway, Clare and Roscommon, which were held down to the reign of Elizabeth I. Subsequently, much of the lands were held privately by O'Kellys until the end of the 17th. Century.


Chief of the Name: Count Robert O'Kelly, The O'Kelly de Gallagh et Tycooly.

Contact: Gearoid O Ceallaigh, 63 Linden Gardens, London W2 4HJ

Website:  www.okellyofhymany.com