Past Recipients

List of People who have received the Order of Clans of Ireland in the past


The following individuals are appointed as Companions of the Clans of Ireland Order of Merit (announced as of 17th March 2014, (St Patricks Day) Ireland ) 

Rev. Fr. J. Anthony Gaughan, CIOM

Lt. Col. Lyn David McMullen, CIOM 


Dr. Mary McAleese CIOM, President of Ireland 1997-2011.

Ambassador Brian Ó Ceallaigh CIOM, retired Irish Diplomat .

Monsignor Pádraig Ó Fionnachta CIOM, retired professor of Irish, Maynooth College.

An tUasail Cathaoir Ó Tighearnaigh CIOM, Ceannaire Cumann na gClann Uí Thighearnaigh.


Nuala Cassidy CIOM, genealogist responsible for identifying former United States President Bill Clinton's Irish roots.

Vincent O'Donnell CIOM, historian, O'Donnell Clan Association secretary, activist and musician.

Byron Egan (USA) JD CIOM, Vice Chair American M&A Committee American Bar Council, Chair of Texas Business Law Association.

Michael D. Higgins CIOM, President of Ireland.

James Mulvihill (USA) CIOM, former Research Chemist and Director of Research

John Gargan (Thailand) CIOM, author and retired professor of finance, former National Chairman of the Reform Party (USA).

Dr. Nollaig Ó Muraíle RIA CIOM, author and academic at NUIG who transcribed and translated MacFhirbhisigh’s Great Book of Irish Genealogies.


Liam Crowley CIOM, co-ordinator of Crowley Castle restoration project.

Riobard Ó Dwyer CIOM, seven times All Ireland triple jump champion and Munster Senior Accordion Champion.

Proinsias MagFhionnghaille CIOM, author, and founded of Síol organisation to promote education about traditional Irish clothing and weapons.

Dr. James O'Higgins Norman CIOM MStJ, author and academic at Dublin City University.

Peter James O’Neill CIOM, Chairman of the Michael Coleman Heritage Centre in Gurteen and member of Moygara Castle Preservation Project.

Tim O’Neill CIOM, historian, author and calligrapher, designed Plantation of Ulster Commemorative Stamp.

Margaret Curtin CIOM, genealogist and Clan organiser in Australia.