September 2014 - *WINNER* Council of Irish Chiefs and Clans of Ireland Prize in History 2014 - Trinity College

Congratulations from Clans of Ireland to the winner of the 2014 'Chiefs and Clans' prize in History, Mr. Gerry Moloney.

Chiefs and Clans Prize 2015
Once more Clans of Ireland (Finte na hÉireann), The Council of Irish Chiefs and Chieftains, the History Department of Trinity College are associated with History/Ireland magazine in offering a prize of €750 for the winning entrant in an essay competition on Gaelic Ireland.

The essay topic is the political, social or cultural history of Gaelic Ireland, 400 A.D. - 1690 A.D. including, for example, Irish kingship, lordship, land-holding, genealogy, and family history. It should be approximately 2,000 words in length and must be presented with full footnote references to sources used, together with a final bibliography. Note that footnotes and bibliography do not count in the 2,000 words. Essays may be presented in either English or Irish.
Entry is open to all persons over 18 years who are NOT on the academic staff of a history department in any third-level institution.

Entries, with candidate’s name, address and contact details should be posted to:
‘Chiefs and Clans Prize’
c/o History Department,
School of Histories and Humanities,
Trinity College Dublin,
Dublin 2, Republic of Ireland
or e-mailed as an attached MS-Word file to: by 1st May 2015
This prize will only be awarded to an entry judged to be of publishable standard. Subject to editorial approval, a version of the paper should appear in a subsequent issue of History Ireland. All entrants, whose papers are deemed of publishable standard, may be invited to contribute their work to a projected volume of essays on Gaelic Ireland.