Communication and Internet Policy


  1. Clans of Ireland is an independent authority operating under the Patronage of the President of Ireland established to authenticate, represent and co-ordinate the activities of clan societies. In co-operation with our registered member clans we strive to provide an authentic version of Irish culture and history as these pertain to Irish clans and historical families.
  2. The activities of Clans of Ireland and our registered members must be carried out in a safe and respectful environment and open to all those who identify with or are interested in Irish clans and historical families.
  3. In line with relevant laws of the European Union and Ireland, anyone may join an Irish clan regardless of gender, race, age, sexual orientation, religious belief, disability, civil and family status, or membership of an ethnic minority.
  4. Registration with Clans of Ireland is allowed after an applicant clan has clearly established an historical identity and commits to organising and representing that historical identity in an authentic and sensitive manner.

    Standards in Communication

  5. Each clan admitted to the Register of Irish Clans is expected to maintain the highest standards in all aspects of its operations including communications with Clans of Ireland, other clans and people and organisations outside of Clans of Ireland.
  6. All communication including email and website content must maintain a basic standard of decorum.
  7. Only material related to the identity, history and life of the clan should be included on websites and in newsletters published by a Clan.
  8. Clan leaders should ensure that they avoid any form of communication by word of mouth, in writing, by email or on a website that could be interpreted as aggressive, inappropriate, sectarian or political.
  9. Clans should ensure that links to other websites beyond their own have been vetted and are appropriate to a family audience and relevant to the aims and objectives of Clans of Ireland.


  10. If any Clan is found to be in breach of this policy the board of Clans of Ireland will request that offending behaviour and/or material be addressed.
  11. If a Clan continues to publish material or to communicate in a way that is found to be aggressive, inappropriate, sectarian or political or not to be in keeping with this policy and/or the general objectives of Clans of Ireland then the offending website will be removed from the Register of Irish Clans.
  12. Persistent failure to comply with this policy may result in the board deciding to withdraw registration from an offending clan. 
  13. Any clan sanctioned in accordance with items 10-12 above has the right to appeal the board’s decision to a special committee established by the Cathaoirleach. The decision of the special committee will be final.

    Revised and Approved at Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin, 26 January 2013.