Registration Criteria

Finte na hÉireann ~ Clans of Ireland is an independent authority established to authenticate and maintain the Register of Irish Clans.

An Irish Clan or historical family may be admitted to the Register of Clans if the surname is authoritatively documented in Ireland prior to 1691, the date that is considered to mark the end of the clan system in Irish society.

Clans of Ireland seeks to maintain historical standards, and reserves the right to decline an application if eligibility cannot be established beyond reasonable doubt.

It is important to seek advice from the Registrar of Clans of Ireland before proceeding.


Clans of Ireland will only provide one registration for each historically distinct clan.

The names and addresses of at least six adult members bearing the surname of the clan are required if the clan is to be admitted to the Register of Clans.

The applicant will be recorded as a Registered Applicant until this condition can be fulfilled. If you would like to register a clan or to start a clan society please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to advise and support you in this regard.

A full copy of our Registration Policy and Criteria is available on request from the Registrar.