Newsletters from the Clans

Many registered clans circulate periodical Newsletters among their members. They are used in the main as tools to keep near and far informed and up to date on matters pertaining to their clan specific activities. Some clans keep their newsletter private and others are happy to publish.

Clans of Ireland are delighted to facilitate clan newsletter publication with a view to having sister clans informed and to get tips/ideas. 

HOWEVER - there is a big CAVEAT. Clans of Ireland does not edit or endorse any content whatsoever in any of the newsletters published here. We will do our very best to ensure nothing offensive or otherwise negative is posted. We move forward in good faith believing that the chances of such negative conduct are slim.  

  • Fitzpatrick Clan Society newsletters Here
    The Journal of the Fitzpatrick Clan Society Here
  • Link to the Clan CROWLEY newsletter webpage is Here
  • Clan MCGRATH of THOMOND Christmas 2016 newsletter Here 
  • Clan EAGAN Rally in Dublin 2016 newletter Here
  • The TERMONER - Newsletter of Clan MCGRATH OF ULSTER, editio 5, Winter 2016/17 Here
  • Clan O'NOLAN - newsletter webpae is Here