Central the mission of the Clans of Ireland is to promote the serious study of Gaelic Ireland, its people, heritage and kinship. To realise this aim, the Standing Council of Irish Chiefs and Chieftains and Clans of Ireland, in association with the History Department of Trinity College, Dublin, and History Ireland magazine, are offering a prize of €500 to the winning entrant in an essay competition on Gaelic Ireland.

For further details on the competition and how to enter please follow the link: HERE

The essays are judged by an academic historian and a prize of €500 awarded to the winning entrant. Non-professional historians are encouraged to participate in the essay competition, especially undergraduate and postgraduate university students. The competition is open to scholars based in Ireland and abroad.

The Clans of Ireland as an organisation has an ambitious aim to promote the academic study of Ireland’s Gaelic heritage and the clans and families involved. In achieving this aim, the Clans of Ireland works with scholars and historians to judge essays submitted as part of the annual essay competition, as well as to raise awareness among the Irish public and the diaspora about the rich cultural legacy of Gaelic Ireland and its clans and families.

The essay competition is one way of raising this awareness and it sits alongside other initiatives such as lectures, clan gatherings and cultural summits.