The Feast of St. Patrick, 17 March 2023 - Order of Merit Recipient Announced

The Council of the Order of Merit is pleased to confer the appointment as a Companion of the Clans of Ireland Order of Merit upon Mr. Tim Crowley CIOM. Tim is a worthy recipient due to his passionate involvement in the preservation of memorabilia and material of local historical value in County Cork. 

Tim is also passionate about the O’Crowley Clan which nominated him for this honour. Tim operates the privately owned MICHAEL COLLINS CENTRE AND MUSEUM near Clonakilty in County Cork. He also takes parties on guided tours to the historic sites connected to Michael Collins, sharing his knowledge with a mixture of humility and passionate fervour His selfless dedication to Irish and particularly to Cork history is clearly obvious from his guided tours and presentations. These have added to the progression of cultural tourism in West Cork.

The Clans of Ireland Order of Merit is the ultimate accolade that can be conferred by Clans of Ireland and its constituent member clans. It is an order of merit granted to persons who have influenced Irish culture and heritage to an extraordinary degree or who have brought their Clan remarkable reverence. The Order of Merit is awarded to a maximum of four persons each year, whose names are announced on 17 March, The Feast of St Patrick. The conferring of the award to Tim Crowley as Companion of the Clans of Ireland Order of Merit will be made on Saturday  the 6 May 2023, during the Clans of Ireland Cultural Summit. 

Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona duit féin agus do chlann chomh maith.